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Reviewed by Feng Shui For Modern Living Magazine as "an American masterpiece that tops the lot," it is now considered the feng shui bible by classical practitioners, teachers, and students of feng shui. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Feng Shui, Second Edition will continue the first edition's success with the following two major additions.The revision includes coverage of the next level of a method of classical feng shui called Flying Start. And second, for those readers interested only in arranging one's furniture to allow qi to meander in a productive pattern, this section is expanded. More photographs and floorplans are included.


1.What Is Feng Shui?

The Feng Shui IQ Test. What Feng Shui Is Not. What Feng Shui Is. Who Practices Feng Shui? Feng Shui and You. What Do I Need to Practice Feng Shui? Twenty Ways to Benefit from Feng Shui. Pinyin and Wade-Giles: Chinese Romanization.

2.Western Intellectual Heritage and the Holy Grail.

Mind Power 101.In Search of the Holy Grail. United We Stand. Nature Speaks Mathematics, Too. A New World Vision for the Millennium.

3.The Great Wall of Knowledge and the Rise of Feng Shui.

Made in China. China's Greater Nature. Skywatcher for Hire. Confucianism and Daoism: Change Is in the Wind. How Does Feng Shui Fit In? Feng Shui Today.

4.Qi Wiz! It's Life's Force!

What Is Qi? Qi Around the World. Qi on the Move. The Three Forces of Qi Energy. Feeling Qi's Power. The Holy Trinity, Chinese Style.


5.The Principle of Yin and Yang.

The Big Bang, Chinese Style. Which Way Is Up? Yin and Yang Culture Clash. Yin and Yang and Feng Shui.

6.The Principle of the Five Phases.

What Are the Five Phases? If It's Fire, It Must Be Summer. The Productive Cycle. The Controlling Cycle. The Weakening Cycle. A Spoonful of Sugar. The Five Phases of Buildings. The Five Phases Quiz.

7.The Principle of the Eight Trigrams.

Motion over Matter-Qi's Pattern of Movement. Eight Is Enough. Meet the Bagua Family. The Cyclic Pattern of the Bagua. Patterns of Numbers.


8.Turtles, Tigers, and Dragons, Oh My: Evaluating Your Environment.

Here a Totem, There a Totem. In Search of the Dragon's Lair. Climb Every Mountain.

9.Home Sweet Home: Evaluating Your House and Its Surroundings.

Church Bells and Power Poles. Land Sakes Alive! House of Shapes. A Grand Entrance. Room for Improvement. Moving Day.


10.The Eight Houses, Part 1.

About Face: The Eight House System. What's Your Trigram? The Eight Wandering Stars. Changing Your Fortune. East Meets West. Are You Compatible?

11.The Eight Houses, Part 2.

Your House Has a Trigram, Too. Comparing Your Personal Trigram to a Home's Trigram. Determine Your Home's Sitting and Facing Directions. Using a Compass to Determine Your Home's Trigram. What's Your House Trigram? Assembling a Simple Floor Plan. Great Grids!

12.The Eight Houses, Part 3.

Do You Know Where Your Palace Is? Do You Know Where Your Wandering Star Is? Qi-ing In on Qi. The Good, the Bad, and the Possibilities. The Rules of the Eight House Game. The Analysis.


13.The Flying Stars, Part 1.

What Is the Flying Star System? Ancient Beginnings. The Nine Imperial Palaces.

14.The Flying Stars, Part 2.

Space: The 24 Mountains. Time: Three Cycles and Nine Periods. It's All in the Numbers. A Number Is Worth a Thousand Words.

15.The Flying Stars, Part 3.

Do Stars Fly? Constructing a Flying Star Chart. Charted Floor Plan. Great Charts!

16.The Flying Stars, Part 4.

Yin and Yang, Mountain and Water. Fortunate Mountain Fortunate Water. Reversed Mountain and Water. The Double Facing Star Chart. The Double Sitting Star Chart.

17.The Flying Stars, Part 5.

The Mountain, Water, and Time Stars. The Central Palace. It's All in the Stars: The Star Combination Cha