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The Complete Idiot's Guide® to the Weather, Second Edition is a comprehensive overview of climate, weather and weather phenomena. Covering the basics and moving into extreme weather, global climates and weather-related health, Dr. Mel Goldstein makes the information accessible and interesting to read. New coverage for this edition will include new information on storm tracking, hobbies such as hurricane tracking, updates in weather satellites/technology, and expanded information on extreme weather.


1.What Should I Wear?

Your Fifty-Year Forecast. How Did He Do That? Playing the Odds. Getting Down to Basics. Forecasting from the Beginning. Going for the Gold.

2.Partly to Mostly Cloudy.

Moisture and Humidity. In the Clouds. Ten Major Cloud Types. Clouds with Vertical Development. Forecasting by Clouds.

3.Bring on the Rain.

Droplet to DropHow Rain Happens. Let's See What Sticks. Ice to the Rescue. Is There Enough Ice? Types of Precipitation. Fooling the Clouds. So Why Does It Rain? Those Ups and Downs.

4.Going in Circles.

Storms 'R' Us. Feeling the Pressure. Origin of Pressure. Normal Variation. High Points and Low. What Makes the Weather Go 'Round. What's in a Name? Scales of Motion. Is It Getting Worse? The Naughty 1990s and Beyond.

5.There's No Place Like Home.

Thunderstorms. Avoid the Ash. Doing the Twist. The Chase. Staying Safe in a Storm.

6.On Another Front.

Mass Appeal. Putting Up a Front. Front Row. Frontal Attack. Storms on the Front. Telling What's Next.

7.Hurricanes: The Greatest Storms on Earth.

It's Different in the Tropics. How It Happens. The Name Game. Hurricane Forecasting. The Triple Threat. Another Big One Coming? Taming the Tiger.

8.Blowing Cold and Hot: The Big Ones.

Winter Gone South. Big-City Snows. Storm of the Century? The Greatest One of All. Modern Winter of Deep Snows. Galveston Storm Surge. The Great New England Hurricane. The Fabulous 1950s and Super 1960s. Camille. Of Agnes, Gloria, and Hugo. The Perfect Storm? The Amazing Andrew. And the Stormathon Goes On.

9.El Niño: The Grown-Up Child.

New Kid on the Block? The Connection Between the Sea and the Atmosphere. Here Comes the Kid. Child's Play. Global Weather Extremes. La Niña: The Kid's Sister. What's Next?


10.Warning: Breathing Can Be Hazardous to Your Health.

Weather and Health. My Aching Back. If You Can't Stand the Heat. Catching the Common Cold. Those Nasty Allergies. SAD and Other Moods.

11.Air Pollution.

The Main Players. Here's the Dirt. Pollution Emissions. It's a Gas. A Silent Killer. Out of the Blue-Nitrogen Oxides. VOCs. Photochemical Smog.

12.Control of Pollution.

Politics of Control. The Regulations. How Are We Doing? Engineering Techniques. The Infernal Combustion Engine. Weathering the Pollution. Economics of Control-Can We Afford It?

13.Ozone: The Good and the Bad.

Old Sol. Atmospheric Structure. The Good Ozone. Ozone Hole-Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Changes in Ozone.


14.Well Seasoned.

The Earth in Motion. The Seasons. Sun Matters. Balancing the Global Heat Budget. Local Heat Budgets.

15.Staying in Circulation.

What Do We See-on the Average? The Doldrums. The Horse Latitudes. Polar Front. What Sets Up the Global Pattern? Ocean Circulations.


Guess This Climate. Now Try to Guess This Climate, Too. Can You Name Continent X? Climate Classification. Mapping It All Out. Going to Extremes.

17.Are You Planning to Move?

Economics of Relocation. Climates of Selected Areas.

18.Climates Are Made to Be Broken.

Aging with a Glow. It's a Very Old Earth. Evidence of Climate Change. The Last Two Million Years. The Last 500,000 Years. Climate of the Last 3,000 Years. The Cli