Economics of resources, agriculture and food


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This text is intended for students who are interested in learning the principles of economics. It may be appropriate for agriculture or biological and physical sciences courses, where a familiarity of agriculture will help enliven examples.
Part 1 Economic Scope, Organization, and Problems of Agriculture1 Economics of Resources, Agriculture, and FoodPart 2 Microeconomic Concepts2 Economics of Demand3 Production Functions and Product Curves4 Costs, Returns, and Profit MaximizationPart 3 Markets5 Theory of Markets6 Multiple Inputs and Outputs7 Forms of Market Competition8 International Trade9 Agribusiness Organization, Management, and Finance10 Economic Performance of AgribusinessPart 4 Macroeconomic Relationships11 Introduction to Macroeconomics12 Gross Domestic Product and Fiscal Policy13 Gross Domestic Product and Monetary Policy14 Gross Domestic Product, International Transactions, and Macroeconomic PolicyPart 5 Public Policy and Agriculture15 Resource and Environmental Management16 Agriculture and Development17 Agricultural Price and Income Policy18 Putting It All Together: The Economic System GlossaryIndex