Aequanimitas (3rd ed )


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422 p. · 14.2x20.3 cm · Hardback
Presents a collection of essays from famed physician and statesman, the late William Osler MD. Capturing the essence of the healing art, this book aims to serve as a welcome pause that refreshes.
Acquanimitas. Doctor and Nurse. Teacher and Student. Physic and Physicians as Depicted in Plato. The Leaven of Science. The Army Surgeon. Teaching and Thinking. Internal Medicine as a Vocation. Nurse and Patient. British Medicine in Greater Britain. After Twenty-Five Years. Books and Men. Medicine in the Nineteenth Century. Chauvinism in Medicine. Some Aspects of American Medical Bibliography. The Hospital as a College. On the Educational Value of the Medical Society. The Master-Word in Medicine. The Fixed Period. The Student Life. Unity, Peace and Concord. L'Envoi. Bed-Side Library for Medical Students. (Reprinted, 1961)