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A compilation of 37 Harvard-style cases featuring companies competing in the new economy. Cases are organized to facilitate discussion of the decision-making process for formulating new economy enterprise strategy.
-All chapters contain a synopsis of chapter cases and integrative questions. 1: OVERVIEW OF e-COMMERCE FRAMEWORK: A, B, C, D, A, B, C 2: FRAMING THE MARKET OPPORTUNITY: PlanetAll, Microsoft Carpoint 3: BUSINESS MODELS:, Virtual Vineyards, Weather Services Corporation, Streamline A, B,, (INSEAD) 4: CUSTOMER INTERFACE: iVillage(2000), First Direct A, B QVC,Inc., Frontgate Catalog 5: MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS AND BRANDING:, 6: IMPLEMENTATION: IQVC A, B, Marshall Industries 7: VALUATION: 8: NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE: Nortel Networks:Internet Point of Presence, MindSpring 9: MEDIA CONVERGENCE: New York Times A, B, CBS Evening News, CBS Marketwatch, RCA Records: The Digital Revolution