Applied statics and strength of materials:international edition


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Focusing on the fundamentals of material statics and strength, Applied Statics and Strength of Materials, Fifth Edition presents a non-Calculus-based, elementary, analytical, and practical approach, with rigorous, comprehensive example problems that follow the explanation of theory and very complete homework problems that allow traineesto practice the material. The goal of thebook is to providereaders with the necessary mechanics background for more advanced and specialized areas of study in the many fields of engineering technology - for example, civil, mechanical, construction, architectural, industrial, and manufacturing.

1 Introduction

1-1 Mechanics Overview

1-2 Applications of Statics

1-3 The Mathematics of Statics

1-4 Calculations and Numerical Accuracy

1-5 SI Units for Statics and Strength of Materials



2. Principles of Statics

2-1 Forces and the Effects of Forces

2-2 Characteristics of a Force

2-3 Units of a Force

2-4 Types and Occurrence of Forces

2-5 Scalar and Vector Quantities

2-6 The Principle of Transmissibility

2-7 Types of Force Systems

2-8 Orthogonal Concurrent Forces: Resultants and Components



3. Resultants of Coplanar Force Systems

3-1 Resultant of Two Concurrent Forces

3-2 Resultant of Three of More Concurrent Forces

3-3 Moment of a Force

3-4 The Principle of Moments: Varignon's Theorem

3-5 Resultants of Parallel Force Systems

3-6 Couples

3-7 Resultants of Nonconcurrent Force Systems



4. Equilibrium of Coplanar Force Systems

4-1 Introduction

4-2 Conditions of Equilibrium

4-3 The Free-Body Diagram

4-4 Equilibrium of Concurrent Force Systems

4-5 Equilibrium of Parallel Force Systems

4-6 Equilibrium of Nonconcurrent Force Systems



5. Analysis of Structures

5-1 Introduction

5-2 Trusses

5-3 Forces in Members of Trusses

5-4 The Method of Joints

5-5 The Method of Sections

5-6 Analysis of Frames



6. Friction

6-1 Introduction

6-2 Friction Theory

6-3 Angle of Friction

6-4 Friction Applications

6-5 Wedges

6-6 Belt Friction

6-7 Square-Threaded Screws



7. Centroids and Centers of Gravity

7-1 Introduction

7-2 Center of Gravity

7-3 Centroids and Centroidal Axes

7-4 Centroids and Centroidal Axes of Composite Areas



8. Area Moments of Inertia

8-1 Introduction and Definitions

8-2 Moment of Inertia

8-3 The Transfer Formula

8-4 Moment of Inertia of Composite Areas

8-5 Radius of Gyration

8-6 Polar Moments of...