Understanding and managing diversity: international edition


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· Paperback
Jeanne Aurelio & Christopher Laib

2. Redefining Diversity
R. Roosevelt Thomas

3. I AM
M. June Allard

4. Increasing Multicultural Understanding:
Uncovering Stereotypes
John R. Bowman

5. Body Ritual Among the Nacirema
Horace Miner

6. Exploring Diversity in your Organization
Carol P. Harvey

7. The Emotional Connection of Distinguishing
Differences and Conflict
Carole G. Parker

8. White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal
Account of Coming to see Correspondences
Through Work in Women's Studies
Peggy McIntosh

Diversity on the Web Assignment
Points of Law

Introduction to Section II

9. Are African Americans Still Experiencing Racism?
Joyce McNickles and Carlo Baldino

10. Inventing Hispanics, A Diverse Minority Resists Being Labeled
Amtai Etzioni

11. To be Asian in America
Angela Johnson Meadows

12. A World View of Cultural Diversity
Thomas Sowell

13. Cultural Transmission Today: Sowell Revisited
M. June Allard

14. Negotiating: The Top Ten Ways That
Culture Can Effect Your Negotiation
Jeswald W. Salacuse

15. Negotiations - BWA Discovers the Indonesian Way
M.E (Pete) Murphy

16. Interpreting Intercultural Communication at a Business Meeting
Arthur Shriberg and Richa Kumari

17. How Canada Promotes Workplace...