Designing the landscape


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Completely updated in a new edition, this highly illustrative and affordable book covers practical points of the design process in a simple step-by-step format-from beginning (the client interview) to end (presentation). This format is concise, readily illustrated to facilitate learning and, most importantly, can be easily applied in the landscape design industry. The book focuses on residential design, although many of the concepts and steps can be applied to commercial projects as well. As each chapter represents a step in the design process, illustrations, photos, and software imaging visually aid the book concepts to further simplify learning. New to this edition is expanded content on lighting.

Chapter One: The Interview.

Chapter Two: The Base Map.

Chapter Three: Inventory

Chapter Four: Functional Principles

Chapter Five: The Concept Plan

Chapter Six: Design Principles.

Chapter Seven: Preliminary Design

Chapter Eight: Plants and Hardscapes

Chapter Nine: The Master Plan

Appendix A: The Design Process

Appendix B: Software and Books

Appendix C: Estimating the Materials

Appendix D: Computer Graphics

Appendix E: Butterfly Gardening

Appendix F: Deer

Appendix G: Xeriscaping

Appendix H: Project Examples

Appendix I: Low-Voltage Lighting