Cost benefit analysis : concepts practice


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(NOTE: Each chapter (except Ch. 15) ends with exercises and notes.)

1. Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis.

2. Conceptual Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis

3. Valuing Benefits and Costs When Demand and Supply Curves Are Known.

4. Benefits and Costs in Different Time Periods: The Mechanics of Discounting.

5. The Social Discount Rate.

6. Dealing With Uncertainty: Expected Value and Sensitivity Analysis.

7. Option Price, Option Value, and Quasi-Option Value.

8. Existance Value.

9. Estimating Impacts From Demonstrations.

10. Estimating and Valuing Impacts from Observed Behavior.

11. Contingent Valuation: Using Surveys to Elicit Information About Costs and Benefits.

12. Shadow Prices from Secondary Sources.

13. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Cost-Utility Analysis.

14. Distributionally Weighted Cost-Benefit Analysis.

15. How Accurate is CBA?

A Selected Cost-Benefit Analysis Bibliography.

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