Water supply and pollution control: international edition


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Chapter 1Introduction

1.1 A Historical Perspective

1.2 A Current Global Issue

1.3 A Look to the Future


Chapter 2Water Resources Planning and Management

2.1 Environmental Regulation and Protection

2.2 Security of Water Resources Systems

2.3 Watershed Management

2.4 Integrated Watershed Management

2.5 Role of Geographic Information Systems

2.6 Conclusions



Chapter 3The Hydrologic Cycle and Natural Water Sources

3.1 The Hydrologic Cycle

The Water Budget

3.2 Mathematics of Hydrology

3.3 Water Quality

3.4 Soil Moisture


3.5 An Introduction to Groundwater Quantity and Quality

3.6 The Subsurface Distribution of Water

3.7 Aquifers

3.8 Safe Yield of an Aquifer

3.9 Groundwater Flow

3.10 Hydraulics of Wells

3.11 Boundary Effects

3.12 Regional Groundwater Systems

3.13 Salt Water Intrusion

3.14 Groundwater Recharge

3.15 Concurrent Development of Groundwater and Surface Water Sources

Surface Water

3.16 An Introduction to Surface Water Quantity and Quality

3.17 Surface Water Storage

3.18 Reservoirs

3.19 Losses from Storage

3.20 Impacts of Climate Change on Global Hydrology



Chapter 4Alternative Sources of Water Supply

4.1 Water Conservation

4.2 Wastewater Reuse

4.3 Stormwater...