Dynamics of Lattice Materials


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Provides a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic response of lattice materials, covering the fundamental theory and applications in engineering practice

Offers comprehensive treatment of dynamics of lattice materials and periodic materials in general, including phononic crystals and elastic metamaterials

Provides an in depth introduction to elastostatics and elastodynamics of lattice materials

Covers advanced topics such as damping, nonlinearity, instability, impact and nanoscale systems

Introduces contemporary concepts including pentamodes, local resonance and inertial amplification

Includes chapters on fast computation and design optimization tools

Topics are introduced using simple systems and generalized to more complex structures with a focus on dispersion characteristics

Preface 3

List of Contributors 7

G.W. Milton 1

1 Introduction to lattice materials
A. S. Phani and M. I. Hussein 9

2 Elastostatics of lattice materials
D. Pasini and S. Arabnejad 24

3 Elastodynamics of lattice materials
A. S. Phani 50

3 Wave propagation in damped lattice materials
D. Krattiger, A. S. Phani and M. I. Hussein 89

5 Wave propagation in nonlinear lattice materials
K. Manktelow, M. Ruzzene and M. J. Leamy 103

6 Stability of lattice materials
F. Casadei, P. Wang and K. Bertoldi 135

7 Impact and blast response of lattice materials
M. Smith, W. J. Cantwell and Z. W. Guan 150

8 Pentamode lattice materials
A. N. Norris (Rutgers University, USA) 178

9 Modal reduction of lattice material models
D. Krattiger and M. I. Hussein 198

10 Topology optimization of lattice materials
O. R. Bilal and M. I. Hussein 216

11 Dynamics of locally resonant and inertially amplified lattice materials
C. Yilmaz and G. M. Hulbert 231

12 Dynamics of nano lattice materials
C. Steeves, G. Hibbard, M. Arya and A. T. Lausic 254