Development of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs
The Theory, Key Technologies and Practice of Hydrocarbon Development


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Volcanic gas reservoirs constitute a new research area. The distribution and rules for developing such reservoirs are still being studied. Difficulties in well deployment and a lack of supportive development technology engender further challenges to development. However, in the past decade, research and development in the Songliao and Junggar Basins has led to marked achievements in volcanic gas reservoir development. Development of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs introduces the geological and dynamic characteristics of development in volcanic gas reservoirs, using examples drawn from the practical experience in China of honing volcanic gas reservoir development. The book gives guidance on how to effectively develop volcanic gas reservoirs and similar complex types of gas reservoir. It introduces the basic theories and key technologies and uses practical examples. It is the first book to systematically cover the theories and key technologies of volcanic gas reservoir development.

  • Introduces the theory, key technologies, and practice of volcanic gas reservoir development
  • Provides links between theory and practice, highlighting key technologies for targeted development
  • Offers guidance on complex issues in volcanic gas reservoir development
  • Presents practical evidence from effective development and exploitation of gas reservoirs
1. Introduction
2. Volcanic rocks architecture and sequence
3. Patterns of Volcanic Reservoirs
4. Characteristics and Models of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs
5. Percolation Mechanism and Development Law of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs
6. Development Performance Description and Prediction Model of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs
7. Development Techniques for Volcanic Gas Reservoirs
8. Development Practices of Volcanic Gas Reservoirs
Technical experts in the field of oil and gas development; researchers and postgraduate students in oil and gas; scientific and technical specialists in hydrocarbon exploration
Qiquan Ran is Professor and Director of the National Energy Tight Oil and Gas Research and Development Centre of the Research Institute for Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED), in China. He has significant experience in oil and gas field development technology research, and oilfield development programing. His research focuses on development geology, reservoir engineering and development program optimization, and research and development in complex gas reservoirs, low permeability reservoirs, complex lithology reservoirs, and heavy oil reservoirs. He is a leader of national programs in oil and gas research: including chief scientist of the prestigious 863 program, and project manager for the 973 program. He has completed over 50 significant research projects, and published three monographs.
Engineer at PetroChina
Yongjun, Senior Well Logging Engineer at PetroChina