The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers
Developing a Marketing Mindset from Concept to Release

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Many filmmakers believe that marketing begins when they hand over the finished film, but the truth is that every creative decision from concept to release will impact a movie?s marketability. Written for working and aspiring filmmakers, directors, producers and screenwriters, The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers walks through every stage of the production process?from idea to post-production?and illustrates how creative decisions at each stage will impact the marketability of a film, and how these two areas efficiently work together.

In the second part of the book, marketing experts Schwartz and MacDonald track four films of different budgets (studio, independent, and documentary) through the marketing process, from 12 months prior to release through opening week and beyond. Featuring interviews with both marketers and filmmakers throughout, The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers offers a unique introduction to film marketing, and a practical guide for understanding the impact of marketing on your film.


Part One

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Marketing Defined

Chapter 3: So you have a movie idea…

Chapter 4: The Screenplay Stage

Chapter 5: Packaging 

Chapter 6: Financing and Green Light

Chapter 7: Pre-Production

Chapter 8: Production

Chapter 9: Post-Production / Music

Part Two

Chapter 10: Welcome to the Marketing Department

Chapter 11: Market Research

Chapter 12: Consumer Products

Chapter 13: Publicity

Chapter 14: Social Media and Digital Publicity

Chapter 15: The Creative Process

Chapter 16: Media Planning and Promotions

Chapter 17: Distribution and Exhibition

Chapter 18: (Post-Release) Home Entertainment / Ancillary Marketing

Part Three

Chapter 19: Tentpole Marketing

Chapter 20: Awards and Festivals

Chapter 21: Animation