Fifty Years of Medieval Technology and Social Change
AVISTA Studies in the History of Medieval Technology, Science and Art Series

Coordinator: Walton Steven A.

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This volume brings together a series of papers at Kalamazoo as well as some contributed papers inspired by the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Lynn White Jr.?s, Medieval Technology and Social Change (Oxford University Press, 1962), a slim study which catalyzed the study of technology in the Middle Ages in the English-speaking world. While the initial reviews and decades-long fortune of the volume have been varied, it is still in print and remains a touchstone of an idea and a time. The contributors to the volume, therefore, both investigate the book itself and its fate, and look at new research furthering and inspired by White?s work. The book?s structure is divided into three sections. The first three papers deal explicitly with the reception and longevity of Lynn White Jr.?s work and its impact on medieval studies more generally. Then two groups of three papers look at areas where White?s work has had a particular impact, namely medieval technology studies and medieval rural/ecological studies.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Bibliography of Works by Lynn White, Jr.

Chapter 2: B.B. Price
Does the History of Technology Stand on the Shoulders of Giants?

Chapter 3 Elspeth Whitney
Lynn White’s "Roots" and Medieval Technology and Social Change:
The View from Outside Medieval Studies

Chapter 4 Steven A. Walton
Determined Disjunction:
Lynn White’s Medieval Technology and Social Change Then and Now

Chapter 5 George Brooks
Of Cranks and Crankshafts:
Lynn White, Jr. and the Curious Question of Mechanical Power Transmission

Chapter 6 C.R.J. Currie
A Romanesque Box Hoist in Liège:
A possible precursor of medieval tower-clock frames?

Chapter 7 Christie Peters
Industrial Milling and the Prolific Growth of the Cistercian
Order in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

Chapter 8 Constance H. Berman
Cistercian Nuns and Forest Management in Northern France

Chapter 9 Chantal Camenisch
Cold, Rain, and Famine: Three Subsistence Crises in the
Burgundian Low Countries during the Fifteenth Century