5-hydroxytryptamine in psychiatry : a spectrum of ideas
A Spectrum of Ideas

Coordinators: Sandler Merton, Coppen Alec, Harnett Sara

Language: Anglais
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Significant advances in the understanding of the role of central 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors, and the range of drugs that have emerged in their wake, prompted the CNIP, an international neuropharmacological organization, to hold a workshop and produce this book on the subject.
M. Sandler: Introduction; S. J. Peroutka & A. W. Schmidt: An overview of 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor families; D. L. Murphy: An overview of serotonin neurochemistry and neuroanatomy; M. B. H. Youdim: Milacemide: a neuropsychotropic glycine prodrug that potentiates serotonergic activity; P. C. Waldmeier & L. Maitre: The inactive enantiomer of a noradrenaline uptake blocker reduces 5-HT synthesis; H. Y. Meltzer & R. C. Arora: Platelet serotonin studies in affective disorders: evidence for a serotonergic abnormality?; V. Glover, J. Jarman, & M. Sandler: The role of 5-HT in migraine: disentangling the links with depression; G. F. Oxenkrug: The acute effect of monoamine oxidase inhibitors on serotonin conversion to melatonin; G. F. Oxenkrug, P. Requintina, I. M. McIntyre, & R. Davis: Stimulation of rat pineal melatonin synthesis by a single electroconvulsive shock; G. Racagni, D. Tinelli, E. Bianchi, N. Brunello, & J. Perez: cAMP-dependent binding proteins and endogenous phosphorylation after anti-depressant treatment; P. J. Cowen & I. M. Anderson: Abnormal 5-HT neuroendocrine function in depression: association or artefact?; J. Deakin: Experimental tests of the 5-HT imbalance theory of affective disturbance; D. S. Robinson: Antidepressant efficacy of 5-HTO 1A partial agonist drugs; J. J. Lopez-Ibor Jr, J. Saiz-Ruiz, L. Moral, I. Moreno, & R. Vinas: Neuroendocrine serotonergic challenges in clinical research; M. Briley & P. Chopin: Serotonin in anxiety: evidence from animal models; C. Curzon, G. A. Kennett, & P. Whitton: Anxiogenic effect of the 5-HTO1C agonist m - chlorophenylpiperazine; M. Palfreyman & J. H. Kehne: Does 5-hydroxytryptamine have a role in anxiety and the action of anxiolytics?; T. R. Insel: Serotonin in obsessive-compulsive disorder: a casual connection or more monomania about a major monoamine?; M. Linnoila: Monoamines, glucose metabolism, and impulse control; G. Curzon: 5-Hydroxytryptamine in the control of feeding and its possible implications for appetite disturbance; B. Guardiola-Lemaitre: d-Fenfluramine and animal models of eating disorders; C. G. Gottfries: Disturbance of the 5-hydroxytryptamine metabolism in ageing and in Alzheimer's and vascular dementias; M. G. Palfreyman, S. M. Sorenson, A. A. Carr, H. C. Cheng, & M. W. Dudley: 5-HTO3 receptor antagonists and their potential in psychiatric disorders; H. Y. Meltzer: Atypical antipsychotic drugs: the 5HTO2/DAO2 ratio; A. Carlsson: Closing remarks; Index.