ADA as a second language, 2nd ed 96 paper


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Known as the authority on Ada 83, this text reflects the latest version of the language, Ada 95. Designed for a junior/senior programming course, this text serves as both a tutorial introduction and a complete reference to the Ada language. It offers specific, practical advice on how and why to use each language feature, stressing good programming style supported by hundreds of complete examples.
1 An Introduction to Ada 2 Elementary Ada Programming 3 Type Declarations 4 Subtypes Versus Distinct Types 5 String Manipulation 6 Expressions 7 Subprograms 8 Access Types 9 Types with Discriminants 10 Packages 11 Private and Limited Types 12 Classwide Programming 13 Separate Compilation 14 Exceptions 15 Genetic Units 16 Predefined Input and Output 17 Introduction to Tasks 18 Controlling Task Interaction 19 Low-Level and Multilingual Programming 20 Distributed Programs Appendixes