Advanced Calculus
A Transition to Analysis


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Designed for a one-semester advanced calculus course, Advanced Calculus explores the theory of calculus and highlights the connections between calculus and real analysis -- providing a mathematically sophisticated introduction to functional analytical concepts. The text is interesting to read and includes many illustrative worked-out examples and instructive exercises, and precise historical notes to aid in further exploration of calculus.

  • Appropriate rigor for a one-semester advanced calculus course
  • Presents modern materials and nontraditional ways of stating and proving some results
  • Includes precise historical notes throughout the book outstanding feature is the collection of exercises in each chapter
  • Provides coverage of exponential function, and the development of trigonometric functions from the integral
Sets, Numbers and Functions; Sequences; Infinite Series; Continuity; Differentiation; Integration; Commutation of Limit Operations; Appendices
Advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying mathematics, engineering, biology, chemistry, economics, environmental sciences, physics, computer science taking a course in advanced calculus.