Advanced Java : idioms, pitfalls, styles & programming tips (book/disk)


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History and Background of Java.
Scope of This Book.
Structure of This Book.
Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Idioms, Pitfalls, and Programming Tips.
Boolean Expressions. Composite Boolean Expressions. Compiler Optimization of Constant Expressions. System Properties. Array Initializer Lists. Declaring an Array of Objects. Packages. Loading. Classes over the Internet. Java Coding Standards. Packages. Versions. One Class per File. Indentation. Documentation. Importing Packages. Naming. Class Ordering. Variables. Encapsulation. Synchronization. Testing. Some Inconsistencies in the Standard Java Libraries. Months and Weeks. Communicating Applets. Communicating Through the Applet Context. Communicating Through Static Variables. Exception handling in Java. System Exceptions and User-Defined Exceptions. Throwing Exceptions from Native Code. Exception, Blocks, and Local Variables. Implementing Multiple Inheritance. Basic Types in Java. Instanceof, equals and ==. Instance of, Equality. Efficiency of Hashtables. More on Equality. String Performance. Efficiency of Vectors versus Arrays. Improving Performance of Java Programs. Relative Cost of Java Operations. Accessing Methods before Objects Are Constructed. Implementing Callbacks in Java. Callback Implementation Techniques in Java. A Proposal for Method References in Java. Overriding Methods and Hiding Variables. Dynamic Method Resolution in Java. Method Overriding Compared with C++. Dynamic Variable Access in Java. Garbage Collection and Finalization. Finalization. Templates. Incremental Compilation of Java Code.

2. LTK The Little Toolkit.
LTK, The Little Toolkit. The Design of AWT. The Design of LTK. A Simple Example of Using LTK. The LTK Classes. Class ltk.DisplayListCanvas. Class ltk.Graphical. Class ltk.Constraint. Class ltk.Area. Class ltk.Label. Class ltk.EventManager. Class ltk.FilledGraphical. Class ltk.Moveable. Class ltk.Box. Class ltk.Line. Class ltk.GUIStyle. Class ltk.MotifStyle. Class ltk.Button. Class ltk.Selectable. Class ltk.Layout. Class ltk.EntryField. Class ltk.ScrollBar. Class ltk.Table. Class ltk.Notebook. Class ltk.HTMLViewer. Class ltk.LTKApplet. LTK Examples. Widget Animation Demo. Layout Demo. Notebook Demo. Notebook/Homepage Demo. Towers of Hanoi Demo. Graph Layout. Slider Demo. Widget Animation Demo. GUI Style Abstraction Demo. Table Demo. Thread Tester.

3. Java Debugging Techniques.
Java Debugging Techniques. Using Visualization to Understand and Debug Java Programs. Possible Extensions in the User Interface. How to Know Which Methods Are Executed? Instrumentation of Java Source Code. Enhancing the Java Virtual Machine. Writing a Visual Debugger GUI in Java.

4. Translating C++ to Java.
To Port or Not to Port That's Not the Question. C++ Features Covered by C2J. Features Not Covered by C2J. C2J in Action. How C2J Works.

Appendix A.