Advances in Clinical Chemistry


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Volume forty-two in the internationally acclaimed Advances in Clinical Chemistry series, contains chapters submitted from leading experts from academia and clinical laboratory science. Authors are from a diverse field of clinical chemistry disciplines and diagnostics ranging from basic biochemical exploration to cutting edge microarray technology. In keeping with the tradition of the series, this volume emphasizes novel laboratory advances with application not only to both clinical laboratory diagnostics, but as well as practical basic science studies.

This volume of Advances in Clinical Chemistry is an indispensable resource and practical guide for twenty-first century practitioners of clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics, pathology, and clinical laboratory sciences in general.
1. Tumor Markers in Detection of Lung Cancer.
2. Advances in serum protein electrophoresis.
3. Aspirin resistance: A review of diagnostic methodology, mechanisms and clinical utility.
4. Vitreous Fluid Biomarkers.
5. Tumor-associated carbonic anhydrases and their clinical significance.
6. Mitochondrial disease: maintenance of mitochondrial genome and molecular diagnotics.
7. Microfluidic Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Technology.
8. Pathogenic mechanisms of anti-endothelial cell antibodies (AECA): their prelevance and clinical relevance.