Advances in Computers
Computer Performance Issues

Advances in Computers Series, Vol. 75

Coordinator: Zelkowitz Marvin

Language: Anglais

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This is volume 75 of Advances in Computers. This series, which began publication in 1960, is the oldest continuously published anthology that chronicles the ever- changing information technology field. In these volumes we publish from 5 to 7 chapters, three times per year, that cover the latest changes to the design, development, use and implications of computer technology on society today. In this present volume we present five chapters describing new technology affecting users of such machines.

In this volume we continue a theme presented last year in volume 72 - High Performance Computing. In volume 72 we described several research projects being conducted in the United States on the development of a new generation of high performance supercomputers.

1. The UK HPC Integration Market: Commodity-based Clusters -- Christine A. Kitchen and Martyn F. Guest
2. Elements of High Performance Reconfigurable Computing -- Tom Van Court and Martin C. Herbordt
3. Models and Metrics for Energy-Efficient Computing -- Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Suzanne Rivoire, and Justin Moore
4. The Emerging Landscape of Computer Performance Evaluation -- JoAnn M. Paul, Mwaffaq Otoom, Marc Somers, Sean Pieper and Michael J. Schulte
5. Advances in web testing - Cyntrica Eaton and Atif M. Memon
Researchers in high performance computer areas, hardware manufacturers, physics and scientific computation and computer science educational programs