Advances in Heat Transfer
Advances in Heat Transfer Series, Vol. 35

Coordinators: Hartnett James P., Irvine Thomas F., Cho Young I., Greene George A.

Language: Anglais

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Heat transfer is the exchange of heat energy between a system and its surrounding environment, which results from a temperature difference and takes place by means of a process of thermal conduction, mechanical convection, or electromagnetic radiation.

Advances in Heat Transfer is designed to fill the information gap between regularly scheduled journals and university-level textbooks by providing in-depth review articles over a broader scope than is allowable in either journals or texts.

Thermal Performance Testing of Industrial Heat Exchangers

Boiling Heat Transfer and Bubble Dynamics in Microgravity

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Rotating Sealed Cavities

Recent Advances in the Modeling and Applications of Nonconventional Heat Pipes

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Researchers and graduate students in mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering.