Advances in Insect Physiology
Physiology of Human and Animal Disease Vectors

Advances in Insect Physiology Series, Vol. 37

Directors of collection: Simpson Stephen, Casas Jerome

Language: Anglais

Subject for Advances in Insect Physiology

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This latest volume in this series contains articles on the physiology of human and animal disease vectors.The papers in this special issue give rise to key themes for the future and make progress towards answering such questions as:
How do insect vectors of disease find their animal hosts?
Once a host is located, how do insects deploy their intricate mouthparts and the extraordinary complexities of salivary chemistry to secure a blood meal?

* Contributions from the leading researchers in entomology * Discusses the physiological diversity in insects * Includes in-depth reviews with valuable information for a variety of entomology disciplines


Orientation towards hosts in haematophagous insects: an integrative perspective CLAUDIO R. LAZZARI From saliomes to the sialoverse: an insight into salivary potion of blood feeding insects JOSÉ M. C. RIBEIRO, BRUNO ARCÀ The enemy within: interactions between tsetse, trypanosomes and symbionts DEIDRE P. WALSHE, CHER PHENG OOI, MICHAEL J. LEHANE, LEE R. HAINES Interactions of Trypanosomatids and Triatomines GÜNTER SCHAUB Lyme disease spirochete-tick-host interactions KATHARINE R. TYSON, JOSEPH PIESMAN Epidemiological consequences of the ecological physiology of ticks SARAH E. RANDOLPH

Insect and other physiologists and neuroscientists; zoologists.