Advances in the Study of Behavior
Advances in the Study of Behavior Series, Vol. 33

Coordinators: Slater Peter J.B., Rosenblatt Jay S., Snowdon Charles T., Roper Timothy J., Naguib Marc

Language: Anglais

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The aim of Advances in the Study of Behavior remains as it has been since the series began: to serve the increasing number of scientists who are engaged in the study of animal behavior by presenting their theoretical ideas and research to their colleagues and to those in neighboring fields. We hope that the series will continue its "contribution to the development of the field", as its intended role was phrased in the Preface to the first volume in 1965. Since that time, traditional areas of animal behavior have achieved new vigor by the links they have formed with related fields and by the closer relationship that now exists between those studying animal and human subjects.
C. Anderson and N.R. Franks,Teamwork in Animals, Robots and Humans.
K. Riebel, The "Mute" Sex Revisited: Vocal Production and Perception Learning in Female Songbirds.
J.M. Setchell and P.M. Kappeler, Selection in Relation to Sex in Primates.
P. Berthold, Genetic Basis and Evolutionary Aspects of Bird Migration.
D. Reby and K. McComb, Vocal Communication and Reproduction in Deer.
K. Zuberbuhler, Referential Signaling in Non-Human Primates: Cognitive Precursors and Limitations for the Evolution of Language.
M.F. Cheng, Vocal Self-Stimulation: From the Ring Dove Story to Emotion-Based Vocal Communication.
Experimental psychologists studying animal behavior, comparative psychologists, ethologists, evolutionary biologists, and ichthyologists.