Aftermarriage: the myth of divorce


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The book uses vignettes and the divorce stories of five couples to illustrate ways that divorce and the continuation of the relationship happen-the aftermarriage. The author identifies and discusses five basics types of marriage bargains-in the eyes of the court-and examines the marital and divorce expectations of the marriage as both a partnership and a contract. Robboy also covers the judicial process, the role of the judge and other legal issues such as "the bests interests of the child" as it relates to the ending of the marriage. In an analysis of divorce, the author introduces the concept that each of us carries a notion of what marriage and divorce are, or ought to feel and look like, that affects us deeply and isn't always realistic. Through this, the author hopes to galvanize the reader to think and feel differently about his or her life situation, even alter behavior and establish more realizable and realistic expectations of marriage and aftermarriage.


1.Expectations Great and Small.

2.Understanding the Marital Construct.

3.The Classic Marriage Bargain.

4.The Companion Marriage Bargain.

5.The Protectorate Marriage Bargain.

6.The Complex Marriage Bargain.

7.The Box of Reasonable Settlement.

8.Choosing a Process.

9.Child Sharing.

10.The First Skirmish.

11.Financial Disclosure.

12.Making a Deal.

13.A Judgment Is Only a Judgment.

14.Realignment in Aftermarriage.