Agression:causes consequences & control


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Written by an internationally recognized leader in the empirical investigation of the psychology of aggression, AGGRESSION: ITS CAUSES, CONSEQUENCES AND CONTROL focuses primarily on the social psychology of aggressive behaviors. The book provides coverage of laboratory, field, and survey research findings in the field as well as an integrated analysis of the significance of these findings. Aimed at the intelligent lay person as well as students and professionals in the field, the author employs a clear and accessible style to present a critical evaluation of the host of theories about the "whys" of aggression. AGGRESSION provides its reader with important insights into the reasons for and possible prevention of one of the most pressing problems in our society. This title is
Part of The McGraw-Hill series in Social Psychology.
CHAPTER 1: The Problem of Aggression
Part ONE: EMOTIONAL AGGRESSION CHAPTER 2: Effects of Frustration CHAPTER 3: We're Nasty When We Feel Bad CHAPTER 4: Does Thinking Make It So?
Part TWO: AGGRESSIVE PERSONALITIES CHAPTER 5: The Identification of the Violence Prone CHAPTER 6: The Development of Violence Proneness
Part THREE: VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY CHAPTER 7: Violence in the Media CHAPTER 8: Domestic Violence CHAPTER 9: Murder
Part FOUR: CONTROLLING AGGRESSION CHAPTER 10: Punishment and Societal Control CHAPTER 11: Psychological Procedure
Part FIVE: SOME SPECIAL QUESTION CHAPTER 12: Biology and Aggression CHAPTER 13: Aggression in the Laborator
Part SIX: CONCLUSION CHAPTER 14: Some Lessons to be Draw