Air conditioning systems


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1. Safety on the Job.

2. Refrigeration Cycle: How the System Cools.

3. Leak-Detection Procedures.

4. How to Charge Air-Conditioning Systems.

5. Charging Procedures: Pressure-Temperature Method.

6. Charging Procedures: Superheat Methods.

7. Charging Procedures: Subcooling, Amperage Draw and Manufacturing Recommendations.

8. Temperature-Difference, Sight-Glass, and Sweatback Methods.

9. Weigh-In, Frostback, and Approach Charging Methods.

10. Troubleshooting Air-Conditioning Systems.

11. Mechanical Troubleshooting Part I.

12. Mechanical Troubleshooting Part II.

13. Mechanical Troubleshooting Part III.

14. The Electrical Side of Air Conditioning.

15. Troubleshooting Electrical Components.

16. Understanding Electrical Diagrams.

17. Troubleshooting Electrical Diagrams.

18. Preventative Maintenance.

19. HVAC/R Industry Certification.

20. Appendix: Useful Formulas, Conversions, and Common Abbreviations.

21. Glossary.

22. Index.