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What you need to know about how your airplane works. Focused on practical value to the pilot, Aircraft Systems takes you on a thoroughly illustrated tour of the systems that make your plane work, giving you step-by-step procedures and troubleshooting tips that improve safety and cut risk, no matter what the situation. Pilot/mechanic David A. Lombardo, author of Advanced Aircraft Systems, presents crucial information on systems in single- and light twin-engine planes. No matter what page you turn to, you'll find fully illustrated, system-by-system information that will help you: make better piloting decisions both in the air and on the ground, avoid risk with a better understanding of preflight inspections, troubleshoot in-flight problems and handle emergencies in any system, cut costs with better maintenance, improved communication with mechanics, and correct choices in engine overhauls, recognize and overcome bad interactions between systems, improve interpersonal relationships with passengers and crew. Full of life-saving information, from the anatomy of a tire, to emergency electrical system failure load shedding, Aircraft Systems delivers the critical, confidence-building guidance that you'll rely on every time you enter the cockpit.
The Airframe. Aircraft Instruments. Aircraft Maintenance. Powerplants. Lubricating Systems. Fuel Systems. Turbocharger Systems. Electrical Systems. Propellers. Landing Gear Systems. Environmental Systems. Presurization Systems. De-Icing and Anti-Icing Systems. Hydraulic Systems. Pneumatic Systems.