Analytical chemistry (Schaum's outline series)


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Chemistry students love Schaum's for their thorough introduction to each topic, including easy-to-follow explanations of the necessary mathematics and procedures. With 590 fully solved problems and hundreds more to solve on your own (with answers supplied), this guide can help you spend less time studying and still make better grades! Clear and comprehensive, this guide covers the entire course and is compatible with all major analytical chemistry texts.
1 Analytical and Mathematical Review 2 Statistics and Probabilities 3 Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium 4 Strong Acids-Strong Bases 5 Simple Weak Acids and Weak Bases 6 Titrations 7 Polyprotic Weak Acids 8 Precipitates and Solubilities 9 Complex Ion Equilibria 10 Electrochemical Cells 11 Potentiometric Titrations 12 Phase Separations and Chromatography 13 Special Measurements 14 Radioactivity Appendix