Anatomy and physiology with integrated study guide (3rd ed )


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This book is designed for an introductory, one-semester course. Its scope, organization, writing style, depth of presentation and pedagogical aspects have been tailored to meet the needs of students preparing for a career in allied health. The text does not assume any prior science knowledge on the part of the student, and effectively presents the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology. It's the only one-semester text available with a built-in study guide/workbook.
Part 1 Organization of the Body 1 Introduction to the Human Body 2 Chemical Aspects of Life 3 The Cell 4 Tissues and Membranes Part 2 Covering, Support, and Movement of the Body 5 The Integumentary System 6 The Skeletal System 7 The Muscular System Part 3 Integration and Control 8 The Nervous System 9 The Senses 10 The Endocrine System Part 4 Maintenance of the Body 11 Blood 12 Heart and Blood Vessels 13 The Lymphatic System and Defenses Against Disease 14 The Respiratory System 15 The Digestive System 16 Urinary System Part 5 Reproduction 17 The Reproductive Systems 18 Pregnancy, Prenatal Development and Genetics Part 6 Study Guides Appendix A Keys to Medical Terminology Appendix B Answers to Check Your Understanding Questions