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Live life, learn business. These are the lessons that will change a students' life immediately and for a lifetime.

You've seen it before, the first day of class students arrive already bored, expecting the same old routine. But you don't have to give into those blank stares any longerAnybody's Business will help you create an experience that'll keep 'em coming back for more. Immediately useful, this text wastes no time getting vital business skills across to students by showing them the connections between business concepts and their everyday lives. The skills they learn can be put to use from the moment they leave the classroom and throughout their professional journey.

1: Financial Intelligence

1. Profit: Open Books, Cash Flow, and Income

2. Build: Balance Sheet, Risk, Financing, and Diversification

3. Compete: Economics and Competition

4. Adapt: Monetary and Fiscal Policy, the Economic Cycle, and Economic Systems

5. Grow: Global

2: Leadership Vision
6. Lead: Vision, Integrity, Change, and Teams
7. Own: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Forms of Ownership
8. Act: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
3: Management Perspective

9. Plan: Roles, Mission, Strategy, and Plans
10. Organize: Organizational Structure, Culture, and Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring
11. Direct, Control, Evaluate Decision Making, Delegating, and Appraising
4: Marketing Savvy

12. Discover: The Marketing Mix, Market Research, and Target Marketing
13. Create: Product Innovation, Branding, Pricing, and Value
14. Communicate: Promotions and Marketing Communications
5: Tech Insight These Chapters Available at

15. Decide: The IT Organization, Data-Driven Decisions, and IT Risks
16. Improve: Operations, Quality, and Distribution
6: Beyond Business These Chapters Available at

17. Connect: Business Presentations, E-mail, and Memos
18. Enforce: Business Law
19. Advance: Careers, Networking, and Interviewing
20. Invest: Your Money, Your Future