Applied coding and information theory for engineers


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For introductory courses in Applied Coding and Information Theory. Intended for use in an undergraduate course, this book provides a practical introduction to the theory and practice of coding and information theory for applications in the field of electronic communications. It is written at an introductory level and assumes no prior background in coding or information theory. While the mathematical level is detailed, it is kept at an introductory level. Do you or your department have an undergraduate course in Coding and Information Theory?
1. Discrete Sources and Entropy.
2. Channels and Channel Capacity.
3. Run-Length-Limited Codes.
4. Linear Block Error-Correcting Codes.
5. Cyclic Codes.
6. Convolutional Codes.
7. Trellis-Coded Modulation.
8. Information Theory and Cryptography.
9. Shannon's Coding Theorems.
  • Presents the theory and practical applications of coding and information theory integrated with detailed examples which illustrate key concepts and enlarge the theory. Every major section of the text includes at least one example of a design-oriented problem where the theory is applied.
  • Balances the discussion between theory and practical applications without sacrificing one for the other.
  • Required mathematical developments immediately precede material on 'how to' apply the methods and theory, however the traditional theorem-proof format is not used.
  • Presents an overview of digital communication systems and the concept of information.
  • Introduces discrete information sources and the fundamental concepts of entropy and data compression codes.
  • Includes a brief