Applied physics


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For two-semester, freshman/sophomore level algebra-based courses in Applied Physics.

Designed to help students understand some physics - rather than just being exposed to it - this text integrates math and physics using numerous applications and examples to help students learn how to solve problems. By developing the math in the context of real situations, it not only shows the utility of the mathematical methods, but also easily defuses students math phobia. The first part of the text deals with how things move and why they move (e.g., linear and circular motion, momentum, work and energy and thermodynamics ), the second part introduces electromagnetic concepts (e.g., voltage, current, resistance, electrical and magnetic forces, capacitance and induction, optics and nuclear physics) - phrasing many of the new concepts in old ideas to show how electromagnetic problems often break down into mechanics problems.

1. Uniformly Accelerated Motion.
2. Vectors.
3. Force and Motion.
4. Work and Energy.
5. Momentum.
6. Circular Motion.
7. Centripetal Force, Centrifugal Force and Gravitation.
8. Wave Motion.
9. Simple Harmonic Motion.
10. Equilibrium and Simple Machines.
11. Some Physical Properties of Solids.
12. Fluids.
13. Heat.
14. Heat Capacity and Heat Conduction.
15. Thermodynamics.
16. Electric Charge.
17. Electric Energy and Voltage.
18. Electric Current and Resistance.
19. Magnetism.
20. Induced Voltages and Currents.
21. Sinusoidal Currents and Voltages.
22. Light.
23. Spherical Mirrors and Lenses.
24. The Wave Nature of Light.
25. Waves, Particles, and Special Relativity.
26. Physics Inside the Atom.
27. Chemical Bonding Among and Between Atoms.


A. Math Appendix.
B. Calculator Usage.
C. Dimensional Analysis.
D. Physical Constants.
E. Periodic Table of the Elements.
  • Unique approach -Bootstraps the mathematics along with the physics, and goes beyond the usual mathematical limitations imposed by an algebra-based text to help students truly understand exactly what is going on in the physics.
  • As students work systematically through the text, they will not only acquire a solid background in physical principles, but will learn to speak mathematics with a certain degree of fluency.
  • Study Wizard e-tutorial CD-ROM packaged with every book - Includes multiple choice questions and vocabulary practice for every chapter as well as the Math Review Appendix.
  • Helps students self-test their knowledge of the textbooks material.
  • Mathematically accessible - Features a common-sense, algebra-based approach that uses mathematics as a