Applied principles of hydrology (3rd ed' 96)


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This is the only text to give a complete, non-mathematical exposition of the universal Water Cycle in language accessible to non-specialists. It begins with a discussion of the physical and chemical attributes that make water such a unique substance, and goes on to a step-by-step discussion of various aspects of the Water Cycle.

1. The Water Cycle
2. The Structure and Properties of Water
3. Water in the Air: Evaporation and Condensation
4. Precipitation
5. Infiltration and Soil Water
6. Evapotranspiration
7. Groundwater
8. Runoff
9. Chemical Quality of Natural Water
10. The Water Cycle and Man
Appendix I: Map of California Showing Locations of Examples Discussed in Text
Appendix II: Moving Averages
Appendix III: Sources of Hydrologic Data
Appendix IV: References
  • Offers an exceptionally clear and up-to-date, non-mathematical exploration of the universal water cycle.
  • Focuses on hydrology concepts.
  • Provides especially strong coverage of hydrologic measurement.
  • Illustrates explanations of scientific principles with examples of actual occurrences from the real world.
  • Includes numerous photographs and illustrations.
  • States quantities in either American units or SI units (and notes conversions for each in parentheses).