Architectural drawing and light construction (8th ed )


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792 p. · 21x27.6 cm · Paperback

Streamlined and updated for the Eighth Edition, this classic text offers significant flexibility because it covers both manual drafting and computer-aided drafting. Known for its superbly detailed drawings and information on every phase of light residential architectural design and construction from site design and building programming to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing planning,  Architectural Drawing and Light Construction also includes building codes and specification writing.

1. Drafting Equipment and its Uses

2. Computer-Aided Drafting and Design

3. Lettering

4. Drafting Expression

5. Modular and Metric Drafting

6. Basic Technical Drawing

7. Axonometric and Oblique Pictorial Drawings

8. Freehand Sketching

9. Perspective Drawings

10. Shades and Shadows

11. Presentation Drawings and Rendering

12. Principles of Light Construction

13. Structural Member Selection

14. Typical Architectural Details

15. Basic Residential Planning

16. Building Models

17. Writing Specifications

18. Working Drawings of Small Homes

19. Residential Mechanical and Electrical Systems

20. Drawing a Small Commercial Building

Appendix A: Abbreviations Used in Architectural Drawings

Appendix B: Modular Vertical Brick Coursing

Appendix C: The Metric System in Construction

Appendix D: Tables from the Uniform Building Code

Appendix E: Span Tables for Wood Structural Members

Appendix F: Heat Loss/Gain Calculation Examples

Glossary of Construction Terms