Aristotle (paper) (6th Ed.)


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Aristotle (paper)
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Written by renowned Aristotle scholar Sir David Ross, this study has long been established as one of the foremost surveys of Aristotle's life, work and philosophy.lBR>With John L. Ackrill's introduction and updated bibliography, created for the sixth edition, the book continues to serve as a standard guide, both for the student of ancient history and the general reader.
1. Multimodal interactionanbsp, 2. Communicative modesanbsp, 2.1 Spoken languageanbsp, 2.2 Proxemicsanbsp, 2.3 Postureanbsp, 2.4 Gestureanbsp, 2.5 Head movementanbsp, 2.6 Gazeanbsp, 2.7 Musicanbsp, 2.8 Printanbsp, 2.9 Layoutanbsp,anbsp, 2.10 Interconnection of modesanbsp, 3. Multimodal transcriptionanbsp, 3.1 Method of video analysisanbsp, 3.2 Step-by-step transcriptionanbsp, 3.2.1 Spoken Languageanbsp, 3.2.2 Proxemicsanbsp, 3.2.3 Postureanbsp, 3.2.4 Gestureanbsp, 3.2.5 Head Movementanbsp, 3.2.6 Gazeanbsp, 3.2.7 Musicanbsp, 3.2.8 Printanbsp, 3.2.9 Layoutanbsp, 3.2.10 A Complete Transcriptanbsp, 4. Modal denisityanbsp, 5. Levels of attention/awarenessanbsp, 6. Semantic/pragmatic meansanbsp, 7. Modal density foreground-background continuum as methodological framework: complex interactionanbsp, 8. Analyzing multimodal interaction: A postscript
This book has bong been established as one of the foremost works on Aristotle's life, work and philosophy