Autocad 2008 in 2d and 3d

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Combining two of the mostcomprehensive and accessible AutoCAD books ,Paul Richard andJim Fitzgerald's Introduction to AutoCAD 2008: A Modern Approach, 1/eand Frank Puerta's AutoCAD 2008 in 3D: A Modern Perspective, 1/e, this book embraces the full capabilities of this powerful program and is the most complete guide to learning the current release of AutoCAD. Introduction to AutoCAD 2008: A Modern Approach, 1/eaddresses advances in technology and introducesreaders to 2- dimensional drawing skills and commands using the current release of AutoCAD. It continuously builds on concepts covered in previous chapters, contains exercises combined with in-text notes, and offers examples that provide the 'how and why' of AutoCAD fundamentals, Projects created using the software will give students hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of how to use AutoCAD in the 21st century. AutoCAD in 3D: A Modern Approach offers a complete guide to the creation and modification of 3D models. Using simple language and descriptive illustrations, it provides a foundation in the three basic modeling techniques and includes chapters on generating drawings, outputs and rendering. Each chapter is filled with aids to increase understanding-from command grids to job skills sections, to icons that show AutoCAD's 2008 enhancements. Comprehensive projects, tutorials and exercises are geared to specific disciplines and helpreaders develop an understanding of this software's potential in their own professional life.

1. Introduction to AutoCAD

2. Quick Start

3. Controlling the Drawing Display

4. Basic Drawing Commands

5. Drawing Aids and Drafting Settings

6. Managing Object Properties

7. Basic Editing Techniques

8. Advanced Editing Techniques

9. Drawing and Editing Complex Objects

10. Pattern Fills and Hatching

11. Adding Text

12. Working with Tables

13. Dimensioning Drawings

14. Managing Paper Space Layouts

15. Plotting and Publishing

16. Blocks and Block Attributes

17. Working with External References

18. File Management and Object Linking and Embedding

19. Introduction to 3D in the AutoCAD Program

20. Quick-Start Tutorials

21. Wireframe Modeling

22. Creating and Modifying Faceted Surfaces

23. Creating 3D Solids and Surfaces

24. Editing 3D Solids and Surfaces

25. Advanced Tutorials

26. Generating Drawings and DWF Files

27. Rendering and Other Presentations