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696 p. · 21.6x27.6 cm · Paperback
For courses in Computer-Aided Design, Computer Graphics, Architectural Graphics, CAD for Interior Design, CAD for Space Planning, Computer-Aided Design and Graphics and Introduction to Computer Graphics. Organized around architectural projects, AutoCAD 2010 for Interior Design and Space Planning gives students an understanding of the commands and features of AutoCAD 2010 and demonstrates how to use the program to complete interior design and space planning projects. Building on fourteen years of updates, the book is appropriate for self-paced and lecture classes and covers both two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings. Throughout the exercises in this book, numbered steps in bold type provide instructions. Prompt and Response columns in the numbered steps provide step-by-step instructions for starting and completing a command. The Prompt column text repeats the AutoCAD prompt that appears in the Command: area of the AutoCAD screen. The Response column text shows your response to the AutoCAD prompt. Blue ruled lines separate the numbered steps from further discussion and explanation. Menus show you how to locate the command you are using. Using numerous illustrations, the text captures the essence of this powerful program and the importance it plays in the interior design, architecture and space planning professions.

Part I: Preparing to Draw with AutoCAD

1. Introducing the AutoCAD Screen

Part II: Two-Dimensional AutoCAD

2. Drawing with AutoCAD: Basic Settings and Commands

3. Drawing with AutoCAD: Conference and Lecture Rooms

4. Adding Text, Tables and Raster Images to the Drawing

5. Printing and plotting

6. Drawing the Floor Plan: Walls, Doors, and Windows

7. Dimensioning and Area Calculations

8. Drawing Elevations, Wall Sections, and Details

9. Drawing the Furniture Plan: Adding Specifications and Extracting Data

10. Design Center, Dynamic Blocks, and External References

11. Drawing the Reflected Ceiling Plan and Voice/Data/Power Plan

12. Creating Presentations with Layouts and Sheet Sets

Part III: Three-Dimensional AutoCAD

13. Isometric Drawing and Gradient Hatch Rendering

14. Solid Modeling with new exercises on Mesh Modeling

15. Complex Solid Models with Materials, Lighting, Rendering and Animation

16. Advanced Modeling