Automatic transmissions & transaxles (4th ed )


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Ideal for both novice and advanced technicians, this text is correlated to NATEF and ASE and covers the operating principles as well as the service and repair procedures for modern automatic transmissions and transaxles. It is the most complete and up-to-date text on the subject, with hundreds of illustrations and thorough coverage of modern automatic transmissions. The readable format begins with operating theory and progresses from service and maintenance operations to problem diagnosis and repair procedures. New content in this updated edition include new transmission systems coverage, new chapter summaries, as well as expanded coverage of Hybrid Vehicle transmissions. Market: Automechanics who need a new reference on automatic transmissions as well as anyone studying to become an automechanic.

Table of Contents

1. Service Information, Fasteners, Tools, and Safety

2. Environmental and Hazardous Materials

3. Introduction to Transmissions

4. Apply Devices: Clutches and Bands

5. Power Flow Through Transmission Gearsets

6. Hydraulic System Theory

7. Hydraulic Shift Control

8. Electronic Transmission Controls

9. Torque Converters

10. Transmission Descriptions

11. Transmission Service and Maintenance

12. Mechanical Problem Solving and Diagnosis

13. Electronic Transmission Problem Solving and Diagnosis

14. In-Vehicle Transmission Repair

15. Transmission/Transaxle Remove and Replace

16. Transmission Overhaul: Disassembly and Reassembly

17. Transmission Overhaul Procedures

18. Subassembly Repair

19. Torque Converter Service

20. Automatic Transmission Modifications

Appendix A: ASE Certification

Appendix B: Automatic Transmission Models

Appendix C: ATF Specification Comparison

Appendix D: OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Appendix E: J 1930 Transmission Term Acronyms

Appendix F: Shift Signal Monitor

Appendix G: English-Metric-English Conversion Table

Appendix H: CATTS and NATEF