Automating business process re-engineering (2° ed )


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304 p. · 22.9x17.8 cm · Paperback

1. So You Don't Think You Need Simulation: An Example From 'Reengineering the Corporation.'

2. A new Perspective on Change in Business.

3. The State of Business Process Reengineering.

4. Level 1 (Initial) Processes.

5. Level 2 (Repeatable) Processes.

6. Defined Processes.

7. Measured Processes.

8. Optimized (Level 5) Processes.

9. Modeling and Simulation Terminology and Techniques.

10. Requirements for Effective Capre Tools.

11. Dynamic Modeling and Simulation Tools.

12. The Capreú Toolset Extend+BPRú.

13. Developing Simulations: Step By Step Examples.

14. Reengineering A Process Using Extend+BPR.

15. Process Reengineering Case Studies Revisited.

16. Applications of Computer-Aided Process Reengineering.

17. Case Study Automating the Analysis of Customer Service Operations at Lexis-Nexis.

18. Case Study High Volume Manufacturer Order Fulfillment Processes.

19. Financial Analysis Using Carpe Technology.

20. Getting Started Suggested Training Approaches.

21. Some Final Thoughts.

Appendix A: The Flying Star Ship Factory Process.