Basic circuit analysis (Schaum's outline series / 2nd edition)


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For improved comprehension of circuit analysis, less time spent studying, and better test scores, you can't do better than this powerful Schaum's Outline! It's the best study tool there is. It gives you hundreds of completely worked problems with full solutions on the information that you really need to know. Hundreds of additional problems let you test your skills, then check the answers. This comprehensive study guide can be used with any textbook, but it's so complete it's ideal for independent study!
Basic Concepts Resistance Series and Parallel DC Circuits DC Circuit Analysis DC Equivalent Circuits, Network Theorems, and Bridge Circuits Operational-Amplifier Circuits PSpice DC Circuit Analysis Capacitors and Capacitance Inductors and Inductance PSpice Transient Analysis Sinusoidal Alternating Voltage and Current Complex Algebra and Phasors Basic AC Circuit Analysis, Impedance, and Admittance Mesh, Loop, Nodal, and PSpice Analyses of AC Circuits AC Equivalent Circuits, Network Theorems, and Bridge Circuits Power in AC Circuits Transformers Three-Phase Circuits