Basic concepts in relativity and early quantum theory (2nd edition)


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1. The Experimental Background of the Theory of Special Relativity.

2. Relativistic Kinematics.

3. Relativistic Dynamics.

4. The Quantization of Energy.

5. The Particle Nature of Radiation.

6. The Wave Nature of Matter and the Uncertainty Principle.

7. Early Quantum Theory of the Atom.

Supplementary Topic A. The Geometric Representation of Spacetime.

Supplementary Topic B. The Twin Paradox.

Supplementary Topic C. The Principle of Equivalence and the General Theory of Relativity.

Supplementary Topic D. The Radiancy and the Energy Density.

Supplementary Topic E. Einstein's Derivation of Planck's Radiation Law.

Supplementary Topic F. Debye's Theory of the Heat Capacity of Solids.

Supplementary Topic G. Phase Speed and Group Speed.

Supplementary Topic H. Rutherford Scattering.

Answers to Problems.