Basic skills and strategies for college reading (2nd ed )


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(NOTE: Each chapter contains a Chapter Focus, a Summary of Key Ideas, and 'Use Your Strategies,' 'Reflect and Connect', and 'Log On to the Web' sections.)

1. Previewing Textbooks.

Previewing a Textbook. Table of Contents. Preface. Author Information. Index. Appendix. Glossary. Looking Ahead.

2. Understanding Vocabulary.

Using Context Clues to Define Words and Phrases. Using the Parts of a Word to Help Define It. Using a Dictionary to Define Words and Phrases. Defining Words and Phrases While Reading. Remembering Words and Phrases.

3. Understanding Main Ideas.

Distinguishing Among General and Specific Words and Ideas. Identifying a Topic. Identifying a Main Idea. Restating the Main Idea in Your Own Words.

4. Understanding Implied Main Ideas.

Making Inferences While Reading. Understanding Implied Main Ideas.

5. Identifying Supporting Details and Using Relationships Among Ideas.

Understanding How the Ideas and Sentences in a Paragraph Relate to One Another. Understanding How the Ideas and Sentences Are Organized.

6. Reading Multiparagraph Selections.

Plan to Be Successful. Read Actively.

Theme 1: It's All about Attitude.

Attitudes, Charles Swindoll. Is It Time for an Attitude Adjustment?, Barbara Bruce and Denise Foley. Why Aren't We Happier?, Neil Rosenthal. Ziggy Cartoon, Tom Wilson. How To Be An Optimist, Lisa Funderburg. Hold on to Your Positive Attitude, Elwood N. Chapman and Sharon Lund O'Neil. 'Little Engine' Holds a Valuable Life Lesson, Ana Veciana-Suarez.

Theme 2: A Healthy Environment.

A Healthy Environment, Pruitt, Crumplert, & Prothrow-Stith. With Every Breath You Take, Kimi Eisele. Editorial Cartoon, Clay Bennett. NASA Study Shows Common Plants Help Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, Zone 10 and Plants for Clean Air Council. The Oil Was Everywhere, Bruce Gray. Noise Polution: It's Everywhere and It's Worse Than You Think! Dorothy Lockhart Lawrence. Are You Big Foot?, Kim Todd.

Theme 3: Speaking With Confidence.

Butterflies in Formation, Edwin Powell. Making a Winning Presentation or How to Think Like a Listener, John Graham. Deliver Your Message with Effective Oral Presentations, Bienvenu and Timm. Cartoon, Randy Glasbergen. What You Can Say Without Speaking, Kare Anderson. Viva Voice, Lisa Murphy.

Appendix: Facts, Opinions, and Reasoned Judgments.

Appendix: Preparing for and Taking Standardized Reading Tests.