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Leading the Pack is the first book to show the average practitioner in any field how, through a deliberate plan of self-promotion, they too can quickly elevate themselves to expert status-and become the preferred source of advice and service in their market, and eliminate the need to make cold calls and do the selling ordinary vendors do. The book is based on both the author's personal experience in becoming the recognized leader in his niche (direct marketing) as well as case histories of others who have established "leader" status using the methods outlined in the book. Examples include Robert C. Parker (desktop publishing), Tony Robbins (peak performance), Jakob Neilsen (Web usability), Seth Godin (permission marketing), Peter Drucker (management), and Martha Stewart (entertaining at home).


1.What Is a Guru?

Defining 'Guru'. Do People Like or Hate Gurus? Are Gurus B.S. Artists? Benefits of Becoming a Guru. Who Qualifies for Guruship? Case Study: Roger Parker Reinvents Himself as a Guru. Why Our Society Is Enamored of Gurus.

2.How to Join the Guru Elite.

Philosophy. Guru vs. Mini-Guru. Attitude. Ethics. Methodology. Knowledge Base. Market Niche. The Invented Term Strategy vs. the Fit-a-Category Strategy. Action Plan. The Four Phases of Guru Development. The Rule of Seven. Case Study: Jeff Davidson. To Sum It All Up.


The Secret of the Trade Journal Trade. What Magazine Should You Write For? The Type of Article You Should Write. Get to Know the Publication. Making the Initial Contact. Exclusivity. Length and Deadline. Writing Articles for the Web.


Why Every Guru or Would-Be Guru Should Write a Book. Which Publishing Option Is Best for the Wanna-Be Guru? Selling Your Book Idea to a Major Publishing House. Agents and Publishers. Writing Your Book. Self-Publishing. E-Books.

5.Information Products.

What Are 'Information Products'? Reasons Why Gurus Should Produce Information Products. Tips for Producing Specific Types of Information Products. How to Design a Catalog Featuring Your Information Products. How to Sell Your Products Profitably to Clients and Prospects. How to Use Direct Marketing to Boost Your Product Sales. Using Small Ads to Sell Information Products.

6.Newsletters and E-Zines.

The Company Newsletter. Size and Frequency. Building Your Subscriber List. Promoting the Newsletter. Designing Your Company Newsletter. Charging a Fee for Your Newsletter. Writing Your Newsletter. What Will It Cost? Paid Subscription Newsletters. E-Zines.


Why Gurus Give Speeches. Finding Speaking Opportunities. Be Selective When Accepting Speaking Invitations. Negotiating Your 'Promotional Deal'. Planning an Effective Presentation. The Three Parts of a Speech. Ending Your Talk. Length and Timing. Handouts. Getting People to Take Your Handout Home with Them. The PowerPoint Question.


Why Every Guru and Would-Be Guru Should Consider Giving Seminars. Will Seminars Work for You? Setting the Seminar Fee. Fees and Scheduling. Choosing a Seminar Title. Obtaining the Mailing List. Controlling Costs. Self-Promotion at the Seminar.

9.Public Relations.

How PR Works. Develop a Hook. Letters to the Editors. Press Releases. Pitch Letters. Syndicated Columns. Radio Talk Shows. TV Appearances.

10.The Internet.

Do You Need a Web Site? What's in a (Domain) Name? Guru-Focused vs. Topic-Focused Web Sites. Building Your E-List. E-Mail Promotion to Your Web Site Visitors. Publishing on Your Web Site: The E-Zine. Publishing on Your Web Site: Articles. Publishing on Your Web Site: Reports and E-Books. Your Online Bookstore. You Ought to Be in Pictures (and Audios and Videos). Online Polls and Surveys. Building a Community of Interest on Your Site. Third-Party Endorsement Postings. Networking Online (and Offline, Too). Search Engines.

11.Profiting from Your Guru Status.

Referrals. Repeat Orders. Resales. Investing Your Guru Income. How to Calculate Your Earning Potential. Financial Planning for Self-Employed Professionals. Be a Saver, Not a Spender. Invest for Return. Be Frugal. Time vs. Money. Retirement Plans and Other Retirement Investme