Best golf course management practices (3rd ed )


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Best Golf Course Management Practices, 3e provides up-to-date basic and applied information on grasses available, their selection and use soils and soil amendments critical management decisions pest management and IPM practices environmental concerns and strategies to develop best management practices for golf courses and personnel and financial considerations when developing and implementing annual budgets, leasing vs. buying equipment, and managing inventory. The author and 27 acclaimed contributors share their expertise in areas ranging from turfgrass to environmental science. The most current and comprehensive publication on the market, Best Golf Course Management Practices provides the need-to-know information that leads to successful golf course construction and maintenance.

1. Turfgrasses

2. Turfgrass Physiology and Environmental Stresses

3. Soil Chemical Properties

4. Soil Physical Properties and Drainage Characteristics

5. Soil Oxygen and Temperature Properties

6. Soil Organisms

7. Golf Course Construction and Renovation

8. Putting Green Construction

9. Turfgrass Establishment and 'Grow-In

10. Plant Nutrition and Turf Fertilizers

11. Developing Turf Fertilizer Programs and Fertilizer Calculations

12. Water Management and Conservation in Turf

13. Irrigation Water Quality

14. Cultural Practices for Golf Courses

15. Managing Bentgrass/Poa annua Golf Greens in Stressful Environments

16. Managing Bermudagrass Golf Greens

17. Managing Seashore Paspalum

18. Integrated Pest Management

19. Turfgrass Diseases

20. Turfgrass Insects

21. Turfgrass Nematodes

22. Turfgrass Weeds

23. Turfgrass Plant Growth Regulators

24. Effective, Safe, and Legal Use of Pesticides

25. Best Golf Course Environmental Protection Strategies

26. Sprayer and Spreader Calibration

27. Budgets and Personnel Management

Appendix A: Stoke's equation for Calculating the Velocity of Falling Particles and Darcy's Equation for Calculating Hydraulic Conductivity.

Appendix B: Calculating Soil Porosity.

Appendix C Chemical and Physical Properties of Organic Materials Used in Turf

Appendix D Surface Area Calculations

Appendix E Calibration Formulas and Metric Conversion Tables