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160 p. · 26.9x23.1 cm · Hardback
Hey Kids - Come on in to the Kitchen!

See what great stuff you can make: Squeeze and Scribble Pancakes, Gooey Caramel Rolls, Berry Bonanza Smoothie, Super Supreme Nachos, Truly Terrific Tacos, Zoned Out Calzones, Whatever Pizza, Puddle-of-Fudge Cake, Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies and lots more. There are over 50 recipes you can"t wait to try-and picture this-there"s a photo of each one.

The recipes work...really! Every recipe is kid-tested, so you know they tase great. Look for the kid tester inside.

Extra Fun
Try our party ideas, like a creepy Halloween bash or make your own crafts with easy dough, squiggle paint or other fun stuff.

And parents-
relax, there"s a whole section to teach you and your kids the ropes in the kitchen-the lingo, the techniques, the math, everything you"ll need.

Cook"s Corner.

Chapter 1: Breakfast Anytime!

Chapter 2: Marvelous Munchies & Mini-Meals.

Chapter 3: Dynamite Dinners & Other Big Stuff.

Chapter 4: Downright Delicious Desserts.

Chapter 5: Party Time!

Cool Crafts.

Nutrrition and Cooking Information.

Metric Conversion Chart.