Bookkeeping & accounting (schaum)


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384 p. · 27.5x20.7 cm · Hardback

Part 1: The Bookkeeping Cycle. Assets, Liabilities, and Capital. Debits and Credits: The Double-Entry System. ournalizing and Posting Transactions. Financial Statements. Adjusting and Closing Procedures.
Part 2: Special Journals, Ledgers, and The Worksheet. Repetitive Transactions The Sales and Purchases Journal. The Cash Journal. Summarizing and Reporting via the Worksheet.
Part 3: Merchandising. The Merchandising Company. Costing Merchandise Inventory. Pricing Merchandise.
Part 4: Specific Bookkeeping & Accounting Topics. Negotiable Instruments. Controlling Cash. Payroll. Property, Plant and Equipment: Depreciation.
Part 5: Other Business Organizations. The Partnerships. The Corporation.