Boys and girls : the development of gender roles (Paper)


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This text on the development of sex roles in childhood focuses on the processes by which children learn to be boys and girls and the effects of differential socialization on their behavior. Unlike competing texts on sex roles, the book has a clear developmental emphasis. It also stresses the use of psychological theories and methods to separate popular notions regarding sex roles from current research findings. BOYS AND GIRLS is designed for use as a primary or supplementary text for a course on sex roles, a supplementary text in an introductory child development course, and as a resource for parents, teachers, and others who work with children.
CHAPTER 1: Introduction CHAPTER 2: Biological Beginnings CHAPTER 3: Boys and Girls: The First Year CHAPTER 4: Theories of Gender Role Development: The Psychoanalytic Perspective CHAPTER 5: Theories of Gender Role Development: Social Learning CHAPTER 6: Theories of Gender Role Development: Cognitive-Developmental Approaches CHAPTER 7: Beyond the Family: The Power of Peers CHAPTER 8: Beyond the Family: Schools and the Hidden Curriculum CHAPTER 9: Beyond the Family: Media Message CHAPTER 10: Personality Characteristics of Boys and Girls CHAPTER 11: Intellectual Characteristics of Boys and Girls CHAPTER 12: Growing Up: The Transition to Adult Roles CHAPTER 13: Gender Identity Disturbance in Childhood