Brainwaves 3: 3 teacher's book


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Level 1. Unit 1. Meet the Livewires (story). Learning objectives:. greetings and introductions. identifying objects. spelling. Language:. the verb to be. questions. indefinite article: a/an. this/that. Unit 2. Where's Buzz (story). Learning objectives:. asking about and describing location. Language:. prepositions: in, on, under, behind, near. questions. the verb to be. definite article: the. Unit 3. X-ray vision (story). Learning objectives:. describing rooms. giving instructions. making suggestions. Language:. let's. there is/isn?t. imperatives. Unit 4. Into the book (story). Learning objectives:. counting in English. asking someone?s age. describing family relationships. learning countries and capitals of the world. Language:. numbers 1-20. members of the family. verb to be. Unit 5. The Livewires express (story). Learning objectives:. describing objects. expressing quantity. Language:. colours. plurals. verb to be. there are/aren't. numbers up to 100. Revision: Units 1-5. Unit 6. Sparks' house (story). Learning objectives:. talking about possessions. telling the time. Language:. have got. the time. Unit 7. Ms Brush (story). Learning objectives:. expressing wants. making informal requests. letter-writing. Language:. present simple tense: want. Can I have ...?. a blue one / a red one. Unit 8. Flick's birthday (story). Learning objectives:. describing clothes. shopping. saying when your birthday is. expressing likes and dislikes. Language:. clothes. ordinal numbers up to 31st. questions: How much ... ? and When ... ?. present simple: like. Unit 9. Iceman! (story). Learning objectives:. expressing abilities. talking about different activities. giving instructions. Language:. can/can't to express ability. imperatives. Unit 10. Fast food (story). Learning objectives:. ordering food in a restaurant. discussing prices. expressing strong likes and dislikes. Language:. countable and uncountable nouns. some and any. questions with How many ...?. Revision: Units 6-10. Unit 11. New York! (story). Learning objectives:. asking about and describing actions in progress. miming. Language:. present continuous tense. spelling rules with the -ing ending. Unit 12. The escape (story). Learning objectives:. learning about people from other countries. talking about where you live. Language:. present simple tense: live. countries and nationalities. animals. Unit 13. The rainforest (story). Learning objectives:. describing people. describing animals. Language:. animals. parts of the body. adjectives used to describe people. Unit 14. The end of Iceman (story). Learning objectives:. predicting the future. expressing intention. talking about the weather and holiday activities.