Broadband communications : a professional's guide to ATM, Frame relay, SMDS, SONET and B-ISDN


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Introduction. Evolution towards broadband communications. Concepts of broadband technologies (FDDI, Frame Relay, ATM, SMDS, SONET). Broadband services. Broadband protocol reference model. Physical layer. ATM layer. ATM adaptation layer. Management plane. User plane. Control or signalling plane. ATM switching. ATM transmission networks. ATM in local area networks. ATM in wide area networks. ATM in public networks. ATM in private networks. ATM in other works. Broadband in North America, in Europe, in Asia-Pacific. Next generation broadband communications.
This comprehensive handbook presents broadband communications, with emphasis on ATM (the hottest topic), Frame Relay and SMDS technologies. It includes standards, services, architectures, applications and markets. The focus is worldwide and very latest developments are included.