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Business Data Communications, 6/e,is ideal for use in Business Data Communications, Data Communications, and introductory Networking for Business courses.

Business Data Communications, 6/e,covers the fundamentals of data communications, networking, distributed applications, and network management and security. Stallings presents these concepts in a way that relates specifically to the business environment and the concerns of business management and staff, structuring his text around requirements, ingredients, and applications. While making liberal use of real-world case studies and charts and graphs to provide a business perspective, the book also provides the student with a solid grasp of the technical foundation of business data communications. Throughout the text, references to the interactive, online animations supply a powerful tool in understanding complex protocol mechanisms.

The Sixth Edition maintains Stallings' superlative support for either a research projects or modeling projects component in the course. The diverse set of projects and student exercises enables the instructor to use the book as a component in a rich and varied learning experience and to tailor a course plan to meet the specific needs of the instructor and students.


Chapter 0 Introduction

0.1 Outline of This Book

0.2 Topic Ordering

0.3 Internet and Web Resources

0.4 Useful Publications

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Information and Communication

1.2 Data Communications and Networking for Today's Enterprise

1.3 Convergence and Unified Communications

1.4 The Nature of Business Information Requirements

1.5 Distributed Data Processing

1.6 The Internet and Distributed Applications

1.7 Networks

1.8 The Transmission of Information

1.9 Management Issues

1.10 Standards

1.11 Recommended Web Sites

1.12 Key Terms and Review Questions

Appendix 1A Prefixes for Numerical Units


Chapter 2 Business Information

2.1 Audio

2.2 Data

2.3 Image

2.4 Video

2.5 Performance Measures

Application Note: File Sizes

2.6 Summary

2.7 Recommended Reading and Web Sites

2.8 Key Terms, Review Questions, and Problems

Chapter 3 Distributed Data Processing

3.1 Centralized Versus Distributed Processing

3.2 Forms of Distributed Data Processing

3.3 Distributed Data

3.4 Networking Implications of DDP

Application Note: Distributed Computing Support

3.5 Summary

3.6 Recommended Reading

3.7 Key Terms, Review Questions, and Problems

Case Study I MasterCard International


Chapter 4 Internet History and Architecture

4.1 Internet History

4.2 Internet Architecture

4.3 Internet Domains

Application Note: Fitting DNS into your organizational structure

4.4 Summary

4.5 Recommended Reading

4.6 Key Terms, Review Questions, and Problems

Chapter 5 TCP/IP and OSI

5.1 A Simple Protocol Architecture

5.2 The TCP/IP Protocol Architecture

5.3 Internetworking

5.4 The OSI Protocol Architecture

5.5 Virtual Private...